Miss T

Adoption Fee:  $150.00 to an approved home.
Breed:  Thoroughbred
Age: 16 (b 1995)
Gender:  Mare
Height: 16.2 hands
Use/Disciplines: Unknown
Health Needs:  Miss T appears to be in good heath and sound.  She has a possible sarcoid the left side of her neck above her withers.
Training:  Unknown at this time (7/31/11).  She leads politley and gives smoothly to pressure, ties, trailers, and picks up her feet.  We do not yet know if she is trained to ride.
Diet: Pasture, grass hay or grass/alfalfa mix,  mineral supplement
Personality:  Appears calm, slightly worried, sensible, and very, very sweet.
For more info: Please send your questions to hrhorserescue@gmail.com
Restrictions:  There will be a "no breeding" clause in Miss T's adoption contract.