Thursday, June 3, 2010

Horsemanship 1 Ground Work Clinic with Duane Isaacson

On Saturday, May 30th, Duane Isaacson, Heart of the Redwoods co-founder, shared his respectful approach to training in a ground work clinic at Redwood Acres. Misty Hunter, HRHR's acting president, shared the following story about some of the folks and horses participating in the clinic.

Misty and Jeremy Hunter brought most of their herd to the clinic.

Ruben Mendoza came and worked with two of his horses. He's pretty experienced so he was helping Duane with a few demonstrations on how to keep your horse focused on you and not your surroundings. He also helped Jeremy Hunter a 12 year old member work with his mustang colt.

Jeremy Hunter came into the Clinic a little intimidated since his horse was not yet saddle broke and had very little training. His horse was also pretty big compared to his small frame so he had a hard time moving his front quarters. Duane and Kira helped him by showing him how to block his head so he couldn't lift his head over Jeremy's and bypass moving his front quarters. The two bonded really well by the end of the Clinic and Jeremy was even able to get his horse Shotgun's attention focused on him and they trotted around the arena together and got lots of exercise in.

Becky McBain brought the gorgeous Manny, one of Becky's four horses rescued from a Washington State feedlot. Manny was nervous at first but settled into learning some new moves.

Two of our members from Gold Beech drove 3 hours to come to the Clinic Tammy Walker with a beautiful Paint and Calvin Walz with a very dominant Dunn Gelding

Susan Marshall and her Daughter Elizabeth Marshall also came and worked with two of our Clinic Horses Cody and Sunny.
Overall all the horses benefited from the Clinic and were a lot more calm for their owners by the time we were heading out. Duane held up through the Clinic and was able to finish it out despite just having heart problems and having a stint placed. We really appreciate all the work Duane has done to help educate the public on how to be better horse handlers