Adoption Fee:  Currently in rehab.

Breed:  Quarter Horse
Age: Ten years
Gender:  Mare
Height: 15.2 hands
Use/Disciplines: Unknown at this time
Health Needs:  Laminitis/Founder - currently in rehab, will have life long diet restrictions including feeds low in non-structural carbohydrates. May need restriction from pasture.
Training:  Unknown at this time. Levi does appear very familiar with the round pen. She has scarring on her back consistent with those suffered from ill fitting saddles.
Diet: Life-long restrictions - low sugar hay, low non-structural carbohydrate feeds (ex. LMF Gentle Balance).
Temperment: Levi is patient and well behaved for her weekly trims, white lightning treatment, and daily therapeutic boot changes (all part of her rehab). She is nervous when encountering new things, but remains engaged with her leader. She may be more feisty when feeling better.
Restrictions: Adopter must agree to natural hoof care plan to ensure life long hoof health. Adopter must also demonstrate the knowledge (founder rehab) critical to ensuring Levi's life long soundness.
For more info: email hrhorserescue@gmail.com