Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Excellence of Seasoned Horses

(Autumn 24 yrs)

How old is too old for a horse?  All of my personal horses are senior horses:  
seasoned, experienced,  nerve (heart), irreplaceable, "on-the-ball", and ridABLE.  

Yet too often in the world of rescue we hear "oh, but we don't want a senior horse."

(Captain Jack - 16 yrs)

I often wonder why.

(Miss T -16 yrs.)

Maybe people are worried about expenses - vet and feed.  
Yet face it, all horses are expensive.  A little education might help.  

Angel (25 yrs)

Seasoned horses may have specific feed  requirements so they can continue to thrive.
Most will need their teeth checked and possible "floated" every year.

Yet with today's nutrition, it is common for horses to be working far into their twenties.

Sometimes people fear having only a few years to spend with a beloved companion, 
yet isn't this the risk we take whenever we love deeply? 

(Charlie - 18 yrs)

And what an honor to be able to recieve the amazing gifts that a seasoned horse has to offer.

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  1. Great post and so very true!