Sunday, March 28, 2010

How Things Get Done...

On March 17th, the call for volunteer action went out via e-mail. We needed to get the Mad River pasture fixed up for the girls ASAP. And, because HRHR volunteers are awesome, that call was answered with speed and vigor! The pasture was fixed up- fences mended, weeds whacked, and water restored- the very next Saturday. The mares were brought back to their more spacious digs, and they were very happy about it!

Advisory board member Lisa Bethune sent this thank you note to the volunteers that participated that day.

"We had a WONDERFUL group of volunteers show up for yesterday’s work ‘party’ at the pasture!! It turns out there was a lot of work to do, and it would have been overwhelming if there had only been 2-3 of us. But many hands do make light work (or at least ‘lighter’ work….I did see some sweating going on)!!!
Please send out a THANK YOU to…
Norm for his hard work with his chain saw, battling it out with the briars
Reuben for attacking the briars and helping wherever needed
Paul and Robert for running the steel-bladed weed eater furiously and with finesse ( it cuts ‘like butter’, they said)
Marie and Robert and Carey….for walking the whole fence line, picking up wire waste and making repairs where needed
Mary…for being so dedicated that she even rented a weed eater so she could ‘bust’ some weeds with us (and she’s a pretty good plumber too)
Carey and Reuben…for digging out the water troughs and making them sparkle
Marie….for bringing Paul!
THANKS SO MUCH, you guys!! We really appreciate your hard work and can-do attitude!! It was fun working with you!
I’m sure by now we have three very happy horses happily grazing grass and sighing contentedly thanks to you!!"

(More Pictures To Come...)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Volunteering Opportunites Abound!

The second membership meeting of the year saw an even bigger attendance than the first- and that's a good trend to set. Word is getting out about what the Rescue can accomplish- but we can only accomplish it with your help!

So, you want to help, but can only do so on occasion? Well, here's your chance to pick an occasion:

April 12, 6:30 -8:30pm (Monday)
The Farm Store is hosting an Equine Care Seminar at the Elks Lodge. They have invited us to set up an informational table. We need volunteers to set up and sit at the table. Don't worry if you don't know too much about the rescue- it's a great way to learn!

May 2, all day (time to be confirmed)(Sunday)
Redwood Acres is hosting a Tack Sale for the boarders. This is being held in conjunction with the regular Sunday Flea Market, so there will be lots of people! It's very important that we support Redwood Acres equine activities, as they donate a good deal of space for us to have horses and store equipment. We need volunteers to help clean, organize, and sell tack and other goods the rescue has a surplus of.

May 29, 9-4 (Saturday)
The Rescue is hosting their regular Horsemanship 1 clinic. We are currently offering slots to members first, as space is limited. Members can also audit for free. Volunteers are needed to help with set-up and registration.

June 20, 23-27
Redwood Acres Fair and Rodeo
The new CEO of Redwood Acres Fairgrounds has asked us to help put on a plethora, that's right, a plethora! of equine events during the fair. An example of events:
Horse show on the 20th (volunteers to help as stewards, tend the gate, etc.)
Kids Fun Day Sat 26th (Volunteers to help with organizing, set-up, clean-up)
Pony Club Expo (we'll just be supporting whatever the Pony Club decides to do)
Costume Parade
And Maybe More...
Details are still being worked out- we would welcome some volunteers willing to take on a leadership role and organize some of these fun and rewarding events!

To become involved with any of these activities, please contact Misty at 496-HOOF or and let her know what you'd like to do.

HRHR thanks everyone who came out to the membership meeting this month, as well as all the new members of the feeding/cleaning crew!