Captain Jack

Adoption Fee:  $350.00
Breed:  Quarter horse/mustang
Age: 16 years
Gender:  Gelding
Height: 15 hands
Use/Disciplines: Trail
Health Needs:  Jack is being evaluated for equine cushings. He does not have a diagnosis at this time.
Training:  Trained to ride, he has trail experience.
Diet: grass/alfalfa, mineral supplements, rice bran, beet pulp
Temperment: Jack can be a bit of a worrier without a bond to sustain him. He is a horse that really needs a human he can trust as a leader. He has established bonds with the volunteers who work closely with him. Jack appears very steady. When uncertain he tends to put his brakes on until he feels more confident about things. This must not be misinterpreted as "being stubborn". He is a dear horse who has won everyone's heart.
Restrictions: If Jack is ultimately diagnosed with equine cushings, he will have medication requirements.
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