Sunday, September 26, 2010

We Get By With a Little Help From Our Friends

A most heartfelt thanks from all of us, humans and equines alike, to our many friends who made our tack sale, dog wash, and pony ride at The Farm Store's Pet Adoption Fair a huge success. Thanks to you we raised almost $2000.

Board members Kira and Becky combined their talents and hours of hard work to create the professional, inviting HRHR information display. Our president Misty and volunteer Jen staffed the table to answer questions and help folks become more aware of the needs of local horses.

Members Marie and Carey take a break to visit and prepare for their next shift leading ponies so kindly provided by local trainer Jody Swanlund.

Jody spent the day donating her time to help HRHR raise the funds we need to prepare for winter. We can tell you from personal experience that Jodie is an amazing trainer. She jumped in to help us load Quincy a few weeks ago when our very upset boy was determined not to get into the trailer that would take him to Hill Crest Stable to work with another talented trainer, Heather Snow-Flamer.

Many people enjoyed visiting Angel who hopes that one kind family will return to adopt her and take her home forever.

Our semi-annual tack sale depends on the kind donations from many local friends. Thanks to our donars, we are able to fundraise and our supporters got some great deals on used tack.

Our member Carey worked hard all day sorting tack, answering questions, and helping people select just the right piece of tack.

If you missed your chance to buy one of our striking HRHR t-shirts for the great price of $10.00, visit our online store, or email us with your size, name and address.

A horse rescue requires many talents, united to maintain the organization, balancing healthy management with the passion of rescue. HRHR is fortunate to have a devoted group of volunteers working within a supportive community.

We are a horse rescue, but many of our members are involved in other community efforts as well. Board member Kira provides foster homes for dogs from our local county shelter. Here she is with Milo, an exceptional human/dog/horse friendly guy who really needs a great home.

Thank you Tim Shreve at The Farm Store, Thommie Haskins at The Farm Store; the hard working crew of California Conservation Corps members who assisted our member Mary with the dog wash; Jodie Swanland for helping us in a pinch and donating your time and your extremely well-trained gorgeous ponies for our pony rides; and all of our wonderful volunteers.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

There's Something Strange, in the Neighborhood . . .

Ben, Olive, and Sophia have been enjoyed the summer in a donated pasture near Arcata. Mid morning something strange caught their attention. Who could that be coming up the drive?

"Oh get over yourselves", said Angel, "there is nothing strange about me." In no time, Angel gave the three a quick refresher course in just who was the alpha queen of the universe mare. Hint: Not Ben, Sophia, or Olive

HRHR Horse Rescue has really been promoting Angel for adoption this summer so she has living in one of our pens at Redwood Acres and patiently waiting and dreaming about the joys of grazing like horses are meant to do. Today her dreams came true.

Sophia was not sure that she wanted to share the grass with Angel.

As far as Angel was concerned, there was no need for a discussion.

It is now her pasture, her grass, and maybe she might let the other
three stick around and nibble on some once in awhile.

Before another Sophia could give much of a response, there was another visitor.

Now who?

"Hi Robert, did you bring us some nice things to eat?" The HRHR horses just love Robert. When he isn't sharing carrots, he is the treasurer for the Board of Directors of HRHR. Good thing he can count the really important things like who gets how many carrots.

As much as Robert loves all the horses, Angel is his true love.
And he is her boy.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Do You Have Your Ticket to HRHR's Dinner With Mark Rashid?

Call us for more information. Just click on the phone icon to the right and enter your phone number, it will connect your phone with our new google talk account. We'll call you back!