Adoption Fee:  (currently in training with Jody Swanlund. If you are interested in Chip, please contact
Breed:  Quarter Horse/Paint - Because of Chip's current size he appears to be a pony. He has been neglected and did not receive adequate nutrition. He may surprise everyone with a growth spurt.
Age: 4 (b. July, 2007)
Gender:  Gelding
Height: Just under 14 hands
Use/Disciplines: Chip's good confirmation will enable him to participate in many disciplines
Health Needs:  Currently in rehab. Could be adopted with contract to continue rehab and training plan.
Training:  Ties, trailers, leads, gives to pressure. Does not appear to know anything beyond these basics.
Diet: Grass hay, mineral supplements
Temperament: Chip looks to humans for reassurance and seems to enjoy their company. He is wide-eyed when encountering new things in the world, but remains calm and appears to think things through. Very sweet and really enjoys attention.
Restrictions: At this time (8/11) an adopter will need to have an approved training plan and verify that they have the skills/resources to implement it.
For more info: email