Saturday, April 23, 2011

Angel Loves Her Hoof Trimmer

Meet Jessica White, one of our volunteers and a mighty fine hoof trimmer.  Jessica  volunteers to keep our horses feet fit and healthy.  Thank you Jessica!

See that soft eye - that was Angel all through the trim.  Relaxed and loving the attention.

Jessica has been trimming for several years - she has an excellent feel for balance.

There was a bit of bruising under Angel's overgrown bars.

Jessica has a gentle touch with our senior mare. 

Jessica, Thank you SO VERY MUCH for all you do for our horses!

What's this?  Happy new feet AND a kiss?   Thank you Shelby for all your help today!

We also appreciate the excellent trimming of our other volunteer trimmer,
Natalie Herman of  Epona's Natural Hoofcare)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Charlie is Ready!

Do you have experience with mustangs?  He could be yours!

To learn more, visit Charlie's page on our blog.  Click HERE.

On the first day we met Charlie, he showed Becky that he was responsive to natural horseman ground work.

He ground drives.

Bridled and took the bit like a pro.

Calmly watched Jerry preparing to mount.

Acted a bit uncertain with Jerry on his back.

And just stood still.

Charlie's BLM freeze brand.

Charlie listens closely to Becky.

Easy to load and unload.


Gets along with other horses (just met Ben and shared food).

Calm and easy to handle in new and uncertain situations.

Gets along with mares (in the "castle" with Bodie)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sometimes the Sweetest Spirit . . .

. . . is found buried in the deepest mud

When we first laid eyes on Bodie, Becky and I instantly agreed there was no way we were leaving without making sure that she would be joining the Heart of the Redwoods herd.  Bodie had lived in the pen pictured here for five years.  She was loved, yet her owners were unable to provide her with the care they knew she deserved.  They called HRHR, making the painful decision to relinquish Bodie to the rescue.

Once upon a time, this sweet girl ran gymkhana in Humboldt County.  Currently she is recovering in one of  the pastures kindly donated for our use by Doug Shaw.  Though her body has paid a price, her spirit is absolutely undaunted.  We renamed her Boadicea, Bodie for short.  

While her back is significantly swayed, it does not appear to cause Bodie any discomfort.

She had gone quite some time without hoof care.

On her first trip out of her pen in a very long time, Bodie had difficulty walking.  Even though she was in pain, she tried very hard to do everything Becky asked.  After a trim and several days out of the mud, her movement improved dramatically.  Bodie is kind, steady, and has excellent ground manners.

Once in our pasture, Bodie could not believe her good fortune.

"You mean I REALLY get to stay here and graze on this yummy grass?"

Bodie was amazed at the spaciousness of our round pen where she spent her first couple of days.

First she explored every inch of the round pen with Becky.

Then she expressed her absolute joy!

Bodie will soon be ready for adoption as a companion horse.