Bodie is available for adoption.

We named this sweet girl Boudicca because she survived a difficult situation with her spirit intact.

Adoption Fee:  No cost to an approved home.
Breed:  Quarter Horse
Age: 20+
Gender:  Mare
Height: 15 h.
Use/Disciplines: Companion only.  
Health Needs:  Sway back, possible navicular.  Bodie is pasture sound with a barefoot trim.  She does not require shoeing and we prefer that she remain barefoot.
Training:  Once used for gymkhana, Bodie has excellent ground manners.
Diet: Pasture, grass hay or grass/alfalfa mix, LMF gentle balance, mineral supplement
Personality:  SWEET, willing, very affectionate.  Interested in people.  Gets along well with other horses, is boss mare in our little herd of four.
Special Requirement:  She deserves to be spoiled and enjoys daily attention.  We prefer she lives with other horses.
For more info: Please send your questions to

Bodie was loved, yet her former home was unable to provide for her care.