Angel is available for adoption as a riding horse for children or a light adult

Adoption Fee:  $150.00 to an approved home.
Breed:  Arab
Age: 25
Gender:  Mare
Height: 14 1/2  h.
Use/Disciplines: Trail, Arena, English, Western
Health Needs:  Angel is sound and in good health.  She does not require shoeing and we prefer that she remain barefoot.
Training:  Angel can be slightly pushy on the ground but stops immediately when she is directed by a strong leader.  She can be ridden by an advanced beginner
Diet: Pasture, grass hay or grass/alfalfa mix,  Senior Feed, mineral supplement
Personality:  Enjoys being pampered, develops close bonds with consistent friends.  
For more info: Please send your questions to

Angel with her 2008 summer foster family.

Duane Isaacson riding Angel by Humboldt Bay.

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